About Us


About Us

sandwichworkZ has been around for more than Nine years now. Our journey so far has been very fulfilling and rewarding in terms of the appreciation. We have received along with lots of love and affection from all of you. We thank you all for making you cafe what it is.

Our Customer Satisfaction policy

We want all our guests to be one hundred percent satisfied with all the food and beverage items served here. If for any reason there is even a little bit of dis-satisfaction, we urge you to let us know about it immediately. We shall strive to correct the anomaly or replace the food and if that is not possible, we shall not charge a single Rupee for it.

Our Pricing Policy

The prices mentioned in the Menu or on the Board do not include any taxes. Applicable taxes shall be added to the total of the goods value. We do not levy any service charges and as out staff works for salary and tips we do encourage you to leave a gratuity for the staff members. We do not have any system of discounts.

Our Kitchen and Food

We are a predominantly non vegetarian restaurant but have great choices of vegetarian meals also. We wish to make it clear that there are no separate kitchen areas, equipment or utensils for handling vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Our expectations from our Guests and Patrons

We encourage our guests to provide us with honest feedback so that we can improve ourselves continuously. To our minds, we have created here an ambience of culture and refinement that goes with polished behaviour. Even though we have an informal mode of operating, we expect everyone here speaks softly and politely, especially to our staff. Mutual respect shall be the norm here.

If our guests would like to listen to their own misic while dining, we strongly urge them to be respectful of other guests by using headphones.

The serving time for food is up to 20 minutes on weekdays and 25 minutes on weekends. Most of the items on our menu are prepared fresh after the order is placed. We appreciate your patience.

Outside food is strictly not allowed. The only exception will be birthday cakes when the spending is more than Rs. 300/- per person.

Please speak to us for bulk orders or catering for small events like birthday parties.